Stop Competing, Start Supporting

There's something important I need you to know: your ideas are valuable.

Your ideas are valuable.

Had to say it again in case you missed it or didn't believe me the first time.

You are gifted and talented in a unique way. Those gifts and talents aren't going to look like the person next to you. And that's a good thing. I am a unique expression of God's image...the "Hannah" expression of Jesus.

As women and moms we so easily fall into the competition arena. What if instead of competing we supported? How different would this "mom world" be if we didn't put all the pressure on ourselves to "do it all" and be good at all the things all the time.

I can't create fabulous kid parties...I don't really want to. Oh, but you do?? That's awesome! I can't wait to take my kids to it.

And I don't have to feel envious or resentful towards your Pinterest-perfect crafts, because that's not my gift. But I love that it's yours!!

So many times I have another mom say to me that she just doesn't know how I do all the things that I do. And I'm like.....huh??? I don't know if it's just because I share what I'm doing with people, or because a lot of what I do is coming from a place of creativity (painting, photography, blogging) so it's a very visual thing. But I can almost guarantee that I'm not really doing that much. Not any more than any other mama out there. We are all doing the best we can. Everyone is just different.

Thank God, right?

So let's just stop comparing and focus on what we do and what our own gifts are. And just be appreciative and encouraging of other people's talents and what they contribute to this world.

And if you don't have people around you that support you and build you up, go find you some people. I will be your people. I will be your cheerleader.

God has made us with the need for community. If you're a Christian, you are a part of the body of Christ, right? A body has hands, feet, big toes, pinky toes, knees, shoulders. And we can't be it all on our own. If you're the big toe, find a pinky toe, and the other 3 toes to go with you (do those have names???). Find the shoulders. Find people who are like you, and people who aren't. But find people who get you and love you and support you and challenge you.

That's one of my hopes for this mom-blog community...that we could rally together and build each other up. I would love it if you would share this post or page with someone and offer them your own encouragement. Tell them something you love about them and appreciate about them. That's my challenge to you this week! Share this post and tag a friend on Facebook or Instagram and send some love to someone in your life. God knows we could all use some more of that! Let them know that their ideas are valuable, too.