Pregnancy Must-Haves

Happy Friday, friends! I'm bringing in one of my besties, Courtney, for today's post. We have six pregnancies collectively under our belts (or rather, our stretchy waist bands), so we thought we would pass down some wisdom and share some of our pregnancy must-haves. 

Maternity Support Cami

This maternity cami is one of the best investments for your maternity wardrobe. It's soft and supportive, both of which are crucial during pregnancy. I wear one nearly every day and will probably continue to wear them after the baby is born!

A Hydrating Lotion or Oil

Pregnancy hormones cause extremely dry skin for me, so I am constantly wanting to keep everything moisturized and give my skin as much elasticity as possible since everything is stretching. Some of my favorites are Beautycounter's Body Butter, Earth Mama Angel Baby Stretch Mark Oil, and Jojoba Oil.

ZSupply Pocket Tee

These aren't maternity, but they are the most comfortable t-shirts I have ever owned! I wear them constantly to sleep in and they get better with each wash. I sized up to accommodate "the girls" and bump that grow bigger by the day (and because I hate sleeping in tight shirts), and look forward to putting them on when I get ready for bed every night! Whether you're expecting or not, I HIGHLY recommend these t-shirts!


With little ones to keep up with, sitting down to eat can be challenging, so I am always snacking! Some of my favorite healthy snacks are Perfect Bars, Pure Bars, Kind Bars, Trader Joe's dark chocolate covered almonds, hummus and veggies, fruit, and smoothies; basically anything that I can snack on as I walk or something that I can hold in one hand while I keep up with the two little people who have zero problem destructing my house room by room.

Nom Maternity During & After Snap Dress

This dress is more of an investment, but I am OBSESSED and wear it at least once a week! It's soft, breathable, flattering, and it doubles as a nursing dress to wear after baby comes. I wish I had the budget to buy it in every color and every sleeve length. If you're looking for some extremely comfortable and well-made maternity clothes, check out Nom.

Essential Oils & Diffuser

I have some pretty bad insomnia this pregnancy and need all of the help that I can get so that I can sleep well at night. Some of my favorites to diffuse at night are patchouli, Roman chamomile, Gentle Baby, and bergamot. This is one of my favorite guides for nighttime diffuser blends. If you have any favorites, please share in the comments.

Water Bottle

Drinking enough water is one of the most important things you can do during pregnancy and I find it easier to drink all the water when I have a nice water bottle on hand. I usually rotate between the S'well bottle and the Corksicle Canteen. Both are made with non-toxic, non-leaching, BPA free stainless steel and keep water cold (or warm if that's your thing) for a long time! I recommend both of these or even a glass water bottle or stainless steel tumbler so that you and your baby are exposed to the least amount of plastic possible.

Snoogle Total Body Pillow

Hey ladies, Hannah here! Do I even need to write a description telling you why you need to get one of these? Look at that thing. Look how happy she is. It's a game changer. At some point during pregnancy I was fighting with about 5 different pillows trying to get them perfectly positioned on my back, head, knees, stomach, etc etc. And then I found the Snoogle. Done. Game Over. It helped support my back and my belly at the same time without making me cuss trying to get situated. I honestly would still be sleeping with this if my husband would allow it! You could very easily use this as a nursing pillow (if you need to use that as an excuse to keep it just a little while longer).

Heating Pad

I legit may not have survived my last two pregnancies if it weren't for the heating pad. That bad boy got more physical contact from me that my sweet husband did during those months (sorry babe). I left it plugged in next to my spot on the couch, wedged it into my nest of pillows and plopped my swollen ankles up on the coffee table every night. I actually just sent Courtney home with mine this week to help out her back pain. Friends gotta have each other's backs, right? wink wink.

 If you're heading in to the home stretch of pregnancy, be sure to stop and treat yourself to one or some of these must-haves to make the remaining weeks sail by a little smoother. And be sure to check out my postpartum must-haves, too. Trust me, I let you know what you really need. 

What were your must-haves for pregnancy? Anything else you think I need to include on this list? Help your fellow pregnant moms out in the comments!