Postpartum Must-haves

I know we've all seen the comprehensive lists on Pinterest of what you'll need in the days that follow bringing home a new baby. But I'd like to take a crack at it. Because while things like a breast pump and a nursing bra are very important, there are quite a few other things I'd like to suggest that will make your postpartum life easier!


1. Good shampoo and conditioner

I know this seems trivial, but trust me. You need a bottle of the good stuff. The kind that will allow you to go as long as possible in between washes. Because far too often you will find yourself wondering when your last shower was. And you probably won't be able to remember because your brain turns into a dark black hole after giving birth (and it just gets worse with each new baby). My current favorite is Living Proof - Perfect Hair Day.


2. Dry shampoo

Because there are lots of days in between the days you have time/remember to wash your hair. You'll need a bottle of this gold-in-spray-form on hand for all those early morning newborn doctor appointments or when the neighbor says she's bringing over a casserole. One of our favorites is from Primally Pure. This is great if you are wanting something natural! We are big fans of cutting out harmful chemicals, and this is an easy way to do it. This one is made with ingredients like arrowroot powder, baking soda, and essential oils. They make one for light hair and for dark hair!

And if you're on a budget, you can try this one from Not Your Mother's. It works great and costs about $5. You can find this one at Target as well!


3. Eye cream

There are way too many sleepless nights ahead of you to count, mama. I'm sorry to break this news to you if you didn't know. Do yourself a favor and invest in some eye cream to help those tired eyes out. You may not recognize yourself in the mirror when it comes to life as a new mom, but you can at least alleviate the shock by taking care of those under-eyes. Our favorite is the Nourishing Eye Cream from Beautycounter.

4. Nipple cream

If you're taking care of your eyes, you also gotta take care of some other important parts. That's where the glorious nipple cream comes in. This is definitely one of the things you'll find on other lists, but it's super important if you're breastfeeding. You don't realize how much damage a tiny little human can do to such a small part of your body those first few weeks. Keep a bottle in the nursery, on your nightstand, in the diaper bag...all the places!  We love the Earth Mama Angel Baby Nipple Butter. It's natural and safe - meaning you don't have to wash it off before nursing!


5. Spray for your "bottom"

Let's face it ladies. There's a bit of trauma that happens to your nether-regions if you have a vaginal delivery. I'm sure you don't need me to go into details about that. Needless to say you will need some products to help heal and soothe your "areas" when you get home. Earth Mama Angel Baby comes to the rescue again with their Bottom Spray. It's formulated to help soothe hemorrhoids, episiotomies, and swelling (lovely, right? motherhood is glamorous, y'all). It's toxin free, which is a plus because I am a little particular on what all is going to be sprayed near my lady parts, ya know?


6. Epsom salts

On my last day in the hospital I could not wait to get home and get in my bathtub! My back was killing me due to labor, an epidural, and the super uncomfortable hospital bed. As soon as the baby was asleep for a nap when we got home, I got in the tub. And the hot water and epsom salts worked their magic. They are so good for sore, achy muscles! Go ahead and grab this big bag from Amazon. I promise you'll use the whole thing in no time!


7. Nursing tanks

Of course you need these to make nursing a bit easier. But a bonus of a tank versus just a nursing bra is that you can keep your stomach covered up so you don't have to fully acknowledge the post-pregnancy damage just yet. I have basically lived in a nursing tank any time I'm at home, so grab a few. We love the Gilligan & O'Malley brand from Target.

I'd also recommend getting a couple of nicer ones for when you actually have to leave the house or when you head back to work. It would be great to wear if you have to pump at work as well. The built in bra means you don't have to have a bra on underneath. Super easy, and super comfortable. This is my favorite from Destination Maternity. I know the price tag seems steep, but I promise it's worth investing in one or two of these, especially if you're planning on breastfeeding for a a few months or more!

8. Comfy robe or sweater

Since you'll be living in a tank top or bra, you'll need a robe or sweater of some sort to keep covered up with. I was FREEZING the first week or two after delivery thanks to crazy hormones. And it's cold when you have to get out from under your covers in the middle of the night. If a robe isn't your thing, try one of these cozy cardigans. I like the ones with the extra fabric in the front to help keep you covered and warm!

9. A cute water cup

Water is your new BFF post delivery, especially if you are breastfeeding. You are running on fumes thanks to your tiny little alarm clock, so you have to stay hydrated. Your body has a lot of recovering to do, and you need the extra fluids for milk production. So chug chug chug! And make sure you have a cute cup to hold that water in since it will be your constant companion. Here are a few favorites (and we would definitely recommend finding a cute vinyl monogram to add to it!).


RTIC 30 oz. tumbler


Camelbak water bottle

10. Updated Netflix queue

There's a lot of couch sitting in your future, so flick the TV on and catch up on some shows. I'd recommend keeping it in the "feel-good show" category in case your hormones are out of whack! Pro-tip: keep a set of headphones on hand so you can watch from your phone without disturbing your little one (or watch what you want on your phone while your big kids are watching their fifteenth episode of Super Why. I may or may not do that). Some of our favorite shows to binge are The Office (which I'm currently re-watching as I sit and feed Gibson), Jane The Virgin, The Crown, Friday Night Lights, Parenthood, One Tree Hill, Stranger Things, Parks and Recreation, The Tudors (we also may or may not watch lots of TV. Don't judge, k?). Please share your favs in the comments to help a sister out! Because we totally need more TV to watch!

11. Robot vacuum cleaner

Ok, this is a bit of a stretch. But I will tell you that there's nothing more satisfying than sitting on the couch with the baby WHILE your floors are being cleaned. HALLELUJAH y'all. Take one thing off your to-do list and invest in one of these bad boys. I got mine for Christmas right before Gibson was born, and it is my most favorite gift of all time. I have this Samsung Powerbot.


But there are a ton of different great Robot Vacuum options to choose from. Trust me on this, ladies.

If you need more convincing, check out this hysterical post titled Roomba: A Mom's Best Friend.

Well, that's a wrap girls. What would you add to the list?? What did you need in your arsenal to survive those postpartum days? Let me know in the comments!

*this post contains Amazon affiliate links, as well as a direct link to our personal Beautycounter site.