My Favorite At-Home Workouts

Working out. You either love it, tolerate it because you know it's good for you, or absolutely hate it. I am somewhere between loving it and doing it because I know it's good for me, depending on the day. As moms it's easy to just let our fitness level slide because life is just crazy busy, right? And getting out the door to take all the kids to the gym with you can be daunting (and expensive). Thankfully there are so many awesome workout options you can do at home. So today I am going to share a few of my favorites!


21 Day Fix

21 Day Fix is one of the first at home programs I fell in love with. This helped me get in shape after I had Porter. I didn't really work out on any type of consistent basis before that. It comes with 7 different 30 minute workouts - cardio, upper body, lower body, pilates, yoga, etc. The way each workout is broken up makes it go by really quickly (thank you Jesus), and there are modifiers for everything  so it can be as intense or non-intense as you want it to be. It also comes with a super easy to follow nutrition plan that takes all of the guess work out of counting calories and portions. It helped me learn how much of each food group I should be eating! I was able to do this program during my pregnancy with Gibson (slowly modified more and more) and it's the first program I went back to once I was cleared for exercise again. I can't recommend it enough!

Tone It Up

If you like to have a good variety in workouts, I recommend Tone It Up. Best of all, it's free! There is premium content you can pay for, but I haven't tried any of those yet. Honestly when I first heard of it and saw the two girls running around in bikinis I thought the workouts would be lame. But they are far from it (I guess they look like they do for a reason, right?). They are super challenging and dynamic. Their YouTube channel has a huge variety of workouts that you can do individually or combine depending on your goals and time frame. They also have a daily workout on their page that links to one of their videos and has 5 daily moves for you to do. I like to have a schedule like that because it takes the guess work out and keeps me from procrastinating while I try to decide what I'm going to do (am I the only one who has spent longer trying to decide on a workout than actually doing the workout?!).

Popsugar Fitness

I like Popsugar Fitness for a lot of the same reasons I like Tone It Up: it's free and there's a huge variety. You can search their channel based on what type of workout you are looking for and by the time frame you are wanting. These are also super challenging and effective. They add new content pretty frequently so you'll never get tired of it. This 20 minute workout is one of my favorites.

Seconds Pro App

I love the Seconds Pro app for HIIT, Tabata, and any type of interval workout. Like Courtney, sometimes I just browse through Pinterest to find something new to try. I love this app more than other ones I've had in the past because you can actually type in the different moves for whatever workout you're doing. That way you're not having to keep a sheet of paper close by or switch back and forth from your timer to Pinterest. It even tells you what move is coming up next. You can also save and share the workouts you've created. It's $4.99, but if you workout frequently it's worth the cost for sure. I did a couple of personal training sessions with my friend Jackie recently and she was able to send me the workouts we did so I could do that at home on my own!

Well that's it for today! Do you like to workout at home? If so let me know if you have any favorites I should try!

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